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How, Where, and Why. A guide to proper junk disposal techniques in the #SaintJohn Area.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

(Before I start writing I'd like to note I'm not an English major so expect the occasional grammatical error lol.)

Everyone has Junk! This becomes extremely apparent when moving, downsizing, spring cleaning, working on construction projects and wandering down into the basement. The big question most people deal with is "How the He(double hockey sticks) are we going to deal with all of this stuff"? Well hopefully I can provide a little information that will make dealing with everything a little easier.

Donating. Donation centers don't want your garbage but generally speaking gently used items that are in good condition can be donated. (Toys, bikes, books, tables, small kitchen appliances) and much more. Your best bet is to call and ask what is accepted because if you show up with items they don't accept you will be turned away. Donating is good because it helps the community and your pocketbook. Some locations even provide a tax receipt for donating, Win Win Situation.

Recycling. You have a load of old metal? You can take this to a local scrap yard and they will pay you for this. They do charge for refrigerators though (10-20$) is common at many places. Metals like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, lead, are pretty valuable so make sure to sort your metals. A quick way to tell if its worth more than scrap is to hit it with a magnet. If it's not magnetic make sure to hang onto it.

Old car? Call a local scrap yard they will come and take it away and give you money for it.

Paper, Cardboard, Magazines, plastic bags, and pop bottles and soda cans can all be recycled as well.

Garbage. No way around this, it has to go to the landfill. Illegal dumping results in serious fines ...not to mention it is horrible for the environment and makes your community look bad. If you complete the steps above it should help reduce the fees at the landfill as it will most likely reduced the weight of the load significantly.

Construction. You are doing a construction project and you need to get rid all the materials.

If you want to save money, always, always, always separate garbage from construction materials. If you do this you will save money at the landfill. If garbage is mixed in the whole load goes in as garbage if it can't be separated at the landfill. (Garbage&Construction are charged differently) Pro tip, plastic bags, coffee cups, carpet, sewer pipe are all examples of items people commonly mistake as construction.

Soil/rocks/concrete/brush. You can take this to the landfill or you can take it to a clean fill site (make sure no garbage is mixed in).

Residential Hazardous Waste. Paint, Oil, Propane tanks, Batteries, Household Cleaners, Gas...ect cannot go in with regular garbage and must go to the hazardous waste drop off. This is free of charge at the landfill.

If you would rather not deal with these items due to a variety of reasons we totally understand! Call/Text JJMs Junk Removal at (506)349-6568 for a quote. We can come in and removal all your unwanted items while following the recommendations above.

Alternatively starting spring 2021 we will be providing dumpster rentals to the greater Saint John Area. Great for large cleanup jobs, construction jobs around the house, roofers...ect

If we can't remove an item we'll try our best to point you in the right direction.

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